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———————  WHAT WE DO
The Lucky company produces more than ninety specialized models of fish finders. Our products include ultramodern fish finders that utilize sonar technology to locate schools of fish, underwater cameras that locate, record, and store video information on fish locations for future reference, and bait boat fish finders with GPS positioning that can be matched with virtually all boat installations.
Our product lines vary across several series to match the individualized needs of every angler. These models include the wireless fish finder series that transmit information via Wi-Fi, the wearable fish finder series that conveniently straps on your wrist, the smart Wi-Fi fish finder series that pairs to Apple and Android systems, the personal boat sonar series built for Kayaks and other small fishing vessels, and the bait boat fish finder that utilizes GPS positioning for pinpoint bait drop positioning. All our products share the common features of being compact, lightweight, and portable.
As a production-oriented enterprise specializing in the manufacture of innovative fish finders, we continue to hone our three major capabilities to provide high-quality fish finder products for our licensed distributors and agents in more than 100 countries around the world.

Quality Control

We strive to maintain excellence in quality control, with all products rigorously evaluated during seven quality inspection stages and two field testing processes to ensure the stable quality of each item produced. We have passed the quality inspection certification of many large enterprises around the world.

Production Capacity

We have 200 production workers assembling our fish finders in a production facility that spans across 20,000 square meters. We utilize four workshops with more than twenty assembly lines to meet the yearly production needs of 200,000 units.

R&D Capabilities

We have more than 20 technicians and engineers working in an independent R&D facility with the sole purpose of leading the way in fish finder technology. They work to bring independent designs, structural upgrades, and software advancements to the market. Our team continually launches four to five new products every year. We also maintain project cooperation with many major universities across China to ensure our procurement of leading talents in the field.

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Jinhua Lucky ET Manufacturer co.LTd.

No. 1966, Cuntong Road,Jindong District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China

FAX: 0086-579- 82081586

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