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The Lucky fish finder company provides a variety of customized services to meet the various branding requirements of customers within their respective markets.

Packaging Customization

Customers can design the packaging of any products to guarantee the uniqueness of merchandise. You can contact your sales manager for a package customization quote. If the number of customized units reaches 500, you will be exempt from costs associated with package customization.

Fuselage Customization

Customers can replace Lucky's trademark logo on the physical product with their own logo if they choose. If the number of customized units reaches 500, the Lucky company will cover the cost of fuselage customization.

Software Customization

Customers can replace the Lucky company’s trademark in the user interface with their own logo. If the number of customized units reaches 1000, the Lucky company will cover the cost of software customization
Over the past 20 years, Lucky fish finder has partnered with more than 2,000 companies around the world. We are continually looking for like-minded agents and distributors to work together to develop and support the local market.

  • Some brands adopt a direct sales method and refuse to cooperate with outside distributors, which results in markets that are unreachable. Even if they do find distributors, the requirements for distribution are complicated and cost prohibitive. To streamline mutually beneficial projects, the cooperative model with us is much simpler.

  • The market competition for big brands is fierce and mainly concentrated in the United States and the first-tier European region. We took the path less traveled and set our sights on the broader low-end market which offers many areas that other brands have not touched.

  • For most anglers in the world, boaters are the minority. Traditional anglers utilizing a fishing rod from the shore are by far the majority, so for them, tens of thousands of products are unaffordable and impractical. We’ve designed our product price point to be very acceptable to them.

Head Office

Jinhua Lucky ET Manufacturer co.LTd.

No. 1966, Cuntong Road,Jindong District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China

FAX: 0086-579- 82081586

Phone:0086-579- 82081585

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