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Jack Li has always been passionate about fishing and enjoying the beauty of outdoor activities. So, in 2000, Jack used that passion to start the Lucky® sonar fish finder company. It was during a random holiday that Jack learned of sonar assisted fishing. He was astonished that a simple device could help anglers locate fish. “Now there’s a product that every angler deserves,”Jack thought.

Starting a business from scratch needs a tremendous amount of elbow grease and a fair bit of luck. Jack and his team spent countless days staying out well past dark on the water testing out various designs. They traveled 5,000 km a month and visited numerous waters across the land. They suffered the blistering heat of summer and the freezing nights of winter to develop the first FF1108-1 Lucky® fish finder. After three years of hard work, the Lucky® fish finder company was established as a contender in the global fish finder market.

Lucky® announced the FF718-W model shortly after that. The Lucky® company ingeniously integrated wireless technology with fish finders to provide portable and convenient devices. The days of carrying a long cable to cast the sensor were over as the wireless fish finder sensors can be cast with a fishing rod, which gives anglers more control over the water. FF718-W was successfully launched in 2004.Further series of Lucky® brand sonars have been introduced to the market yearly. In those passing years, Lucky® sonar has grown into a fish finder brand that focuses on portable, affordable, and easy to use equipment.

In 2020, after 20 years of efforts dedicated to fish finder R&D, the Lucky® company began construction on a new manufacturing center in Jinhua City, Zhejiang province, China. The manufacturing center has a land area of more than 20000 m², and houses state of the art offices, employee centers, R&D workshops, and 24 production lines with 14 departments. The production line is now able to produce more than 500,000 fish finder units per annum.

“We will always focus on providing a quality and affordable fish finder,” said Jack. “We will never forget why we started Lucky® sonar—to provide an affordable fish finder for all anglers.”


As the first product of the Lucky Fish Finder company, the FF1108-1 set off a wave of low-cost fish finders around the world. This yellow handheld fish finder has maintained a global demand for the past two decades.


The FF718-W was the first wireless fish finder independently developed and produced by the Lucky fish finder company. This gray model has become a classic design in the fish finder market, and it received market recognition at an unprecedented speed. This product was and is a milestone in the world's handheld wireless fish finder market, and it is one of the representative products of the Lucky fish finder company.


The FF718LIC model from Lucky fish finder launched in 2012. This high-end fish finder utilizes a colored screen, and it pioneered the addition of a floating fuselage. The product has been structurally reinforced while simultaneously maintaining a high-cost performance. The wireless and wired sonar probe can meet the requirements of customers in all scenarios and is currently one of the hottest products in the handheld fish detector market.


The LH-1B is a new generation of products launched by Lucky fish finder in 2021. It features a new user interface and sleek design. This product is valued by anglers around the world, and it is currently on sale.

Head Office

Jinhua Lucky ET Manufacturer co.LTd.

No. 1966, Cuntong Road,Jindong District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China

FAX: 0086-579- 82081586

Phone:0086-579- 82081585

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