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How to catch carp in winter

Characteristics of winter carp:Low appetite

The carp relative to high temperature requirements. If the water temperature is lower than 5 degrees, it is already in a dormant state.

The carp eats periodically in winter and eat once every few days. Therefore, carp fishing in winter is more hard.


1.Choose consecutivesunny weather

In winter, if you want to catch carp, the most important thing is the weather temperature.

If the timing is wrong,it is not to go for fishing, but to be exposed in the cold wind. When the winter is sunny for many days,it is obvious that the temperature is returning, so it’s the opportunities for carp fishing .

In early winter, the temperature is going to be lower. The carp feeding period changes from abruptly to a slower period and gradually moves to a rest period. During this period, it is difficult to find carp.

In the late winter, after the Spring Festival, the temperature gradually moves to a higher place, and the sunshine time becomes longer. During this period, the carps change from being static to active and foraging in a smaller area.. This period is called a good time to find carp in late winter.


2.Choose effective fishing position

The best fishing position is choose deep water for nest in low temperature and haze weather, and choose second deep point for nest in sunny and high temperature weather.

The carp uses the big mouth to silt at the bottom of the arch to get food all year . it leaves many pits that are not far away from the food source, such as the junction of wetland and grass, the sunny bay of the reservoir, and the deep water point of the fish pond. The place where carp often goes during the winter slack. In winter, carp fishing mostly chooses to fight on the muddy bottom. The muddy bottom is mostly in still water. There are pits in natural waters where there is mud. These are the masterpieces of the past. Many fruit drops, insect corpses and weed rhizomes are buried at the bottom of the silt. These are delicacies for carp overwintering. When the weather is fine, carp will come here in flocks for food.

3.waiting is better than bait

If your venue is close enough to make it practical, regular prebaiting may be the easiest way to do routine winter activities. The carp will continue to respond to the normal food supply, if you feed a small amount of feed every two days instead of a bucket every week, the carp will visit the area of your choice and feed even under severe conditions.

When you put the bait in your area, the more carp feed will not be caught and the easier it will be to catch without fishing tackle. the bait zone will build your confidence in the carp.


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