How to find fish in ice fishing?
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How to find fish in ice fishing?

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1. Find fish according to their habits

Ice fishing is a fishing method used in winter, so it is difficult to find fish due to the low temperature of the weather, but as long as you understand the living habits of fish, finding fish becomes very simple. Although the water surface will freeze in winter, the temperature at the bottom of the water is still suitable for fish to grow; although the aquatic plants and plankton in the water will be greatly reduced, there are still many aquatic plants at the bottom of the water, which are often called dark grass. Aquatic plants provide fish with food and can also keep them warm from the wind, so find these places and you can find fish.


2. Find fish according to the location of the environment

The choice of fishing position is actually to find fish. In addition to the places where the aquatic plants are dense at the bottom of the water, there will be fish, and there will also be fish under bridge holes and sunny river ditches. Where there is food and water, there will be fish. Even in winter ice fishing, as long as you find a suitable location, you will have a great harvest. When choosing a fishing position for ice fishing, you can also make a nest in advance to directly attract fish, eliminating the trouble of finding fish.

3. Find fish according to the water layer

When ice fishing to find fish, in addition to looking for places with dense aquatic plants, one must also pay attention to the weather and temperature. Although it is cold in winter, the fish will hide in the bottom of the water, but once the sun comes out, the fish will swim to the sunny place in the upper water to look for food and keep warm. Therefore, when looking for fish, it is necessary to combine the weather and temperature of the day and look for fish according to the actual situation.


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