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Ice Fishing

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At present, the temperature in areas suitable for ice fishing is below zero, and even tens of degrees below zero in some areas. If you want to enjoy comfortable ice fishing, you must prepare antifreeze equipment. First and foremost is the antifreeze tent. It is best to choose a bottomless tent. Firstly, it is considered from the perspective of safety, and secondly, it is convenient to open the ice hole, spread the heat insulation pad on the ice, and equip it with a heating stove. After the ice surface is punched, the oxygen in the water begins to increase, and the fish begin to gather. At this time, throwing the bait, it is easy to catch big fish. The sense of accomplishment of catching those big fish is impressive. Due to poor fish activity in winter, I recommend using a fish finder, which will also make it easier to find fish

The feeling of ice fishing is different from Taiwan fishing, similar to raft fishing, but the experience of ice fishing is that people can find fishing spots in the water at will.


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