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Date:2023.4.13                       Category: Lucky News

How to nest before fishing

Nesting is a method of using baits to attract fish into the nest. It is very important when you are fishing. It seems simple, but need a lot of skills.

Firstly, we need to make nests according to the habits of fish.carp likes coarse-grained mixture of fermented nests, grass carp likes bait of grasses, different fish have different preferences.

Secondly, nest according to the fishing area. if the fish in the reservoir requires large nests, nests should be nested according to the actual situation. So nesting is very important before fishing.

一.Method of nesting

1. Hand throwing

After preparing the nest material, throw it into the water directly. it is the most commonly used method of nesting. It is convenient and simple, but it is important to pay attention to throwing nests as accurately as possible. If you throw a fish too far into the nest, you can't see the hook.

2.Rub bait

This kind of nesting method is mostly used in black pits or competitive competitions and waters where the fish density is relatively high. When fishing, first rub a dozen large baits and throw them into the nest and then start normal fishing.This method of nesting is fast and accurate. Fishing while lures is a common nesting method for anglers.

3.Tool nesting

Use various nesting tools to deliver the nest material to the fishing spot. The most commonly used is the bait boat. Put the baits into boat, and then use a long rod and short thread to hang the bait boat and slowly deliver it to the fishing spot. The bait-throwing spoon is also used for nesting. The characteristic is that the throwing is far away. If the throwing is not used frequently, the distance will be different, which will affect the effect of the nest.

二.Notice of nesting

1.Appropriate baits

It’s need an appropriate nesting, not too little or too much, Too little can't lure the fish, too much will feed the fish. The amount of litter is determined by the size of the fish and the depth of the water. Normally, small fish like crucian carp can be caught with 30~50g at a time. If you are fishing for carp, grass carp and other large fish, hit a fist-sized nest with 5-6 eggs at a time. At the same time, nests should be played according to the depth of the water.

2.Fill the nest in time

Nesting is not a one-time job. If you are fishing for a day, you should fill the nest 1 or 2 times according to the fish condition. Pay attention to the nest filling. The amount of baits should be less than the first time.

3.Nesting in multiple points

The uncertainty of wild fishing is relatively large. Therefore, at the beginning of fishing, 2~3 nests are set up in advance, then take turns to fish, which nest fish is fished in which nest.

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