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Spear FF918CD-WT

  1. A fish finder sends utrasonic downward to the seabed and collects reflected signals to know two very important information to angles: 1 If there is any fish activities in the area, 2 How deep is the water and if there is fish activity,how deep the fish layout underwater 3, the structure of seabed underneath.
  2. Fish Finder and Depth Finder : It is a portable fish finder that could display approximate fish location and water depth. The sonar transducer can be attached to the hull of kayak or boat in order to understand the changing of water depth when you are moving by.
  3. You can choose fish location display by switch on/off the fish icon button
  4. You can set the fish finder to notify you when the water depth is less than preset and it is very useful if you are riding a kayak or canoe in the river to prevent run aground
  5. Simply install this boat fish finder under your kayak to make your kayak more handle: 1, Put the sensor under the kayak and keep the screen on the boat where you can operate. 2 connect the fish finder to your boat power source, or you can simply use the dry battery 3, the fish finder device will show you the underwater information as depth, temp, fish school. 4, You can set the fish finder to notify you when the water depth is less than preset and it is very useful if you are riding a kayak or canoe in the river to prevent run aground


The FF918 series is extremely popular among bait boat users and crappie fishermen. With an individually powered wireless long-distance sensor, it  can be connected to all types of bait and fishing boats. It comes with multiple options for base size and screen colors. Lucky® fish finder developed  the corresponding Y3 aluminum transmitter signal box that reduces interference and enlarges the signal receiving range significantly.



Depth Range:

0.7-180m (cable)  0.7-45m (wireless)

Battery Life:5hrs

Wirelss Operational Range:120m

Sonar Frequency/Beam Angle:

90 degree in 125KHZ(wireless)

60 degree in 83Khz(cable)

45 degree in 200KHZ(cable)

Operational Temperature:-10~50℃
Screen Size:3.5inch

Download the FF918C-W user manual 

Download the FF918CD-T user manual 



Download the latest luckyfishfinder catalogue 


The sonar fish finder sends and receives ultrasonic signals to scan underwater biomes. It displays the lakebed on a handheld device through sonar imaging. The fish finder is an important piece of the fisherman’s arsenal, and it has become a common accessory around the world. We designed our Lucky products to be wireless, light, hand-held, and suitable for single-person shore fishing, ice fishing, and kayak fishing.



According to the different product series, the latest original packaging design is based on the basic color of the product to be displayed in the set of a complete product family, so that the product series look smarter and eye-catching. (If you need to customize your product packaging, please provide packaging design to us, we can then complete the production of customized packaging for you. Conditions apply.)



Customers can design the packaging of any products to guarantee the uniqueness of merchandise. You can contact us by sending inquries for a package customization quote. If the number of customized units reaches 500, you will be exempt from costs.



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