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Rambo FF518

The watch fish finder designed and produced by Lucky Fish Finder is one of the most unique fish finding products in the world. Lucky invented this wearable fish finder by miniaturizing the fish finder chip and putting it into a watch-sized device. Anglers wear the watch-styled fish finder to free their hands so they can react instantly to their fishing experience. This watch fish finder has a color screen dot matrix display which accurately displays the water depth, underwater terrain, and fish position in a comfortable and mobile device.


The FF518 series is also a unique design from Lucky® fish finder that turns the fish finder device into a watch! With a wireless sensor, you won’t tangle with wired transducers anymore. The FF518 is unique in the global fish finder market and is attracting attention from buyers.





Screen Size:1.77inch

Battery Life:16hrs

Operational Temperature:-10~50℃

Probe:Wireless Probe                  

Depth Range:0.7-45m

Sonar Frequency/Beam Angle:90 degree in 125KHZ

Wireless Operational Range:70m

Scenario:Shore Fishing/Kayak Fishing/Boat Fishing


       ·Display Fish Location

       ·Display Water Depth

       ·Display Water Temperature

       ·Display Underwater Contour

       ·Enlarge Certain Range Of Depth Information

       ·Beep Notification Of Fish Activity

·Colored Dot-Matrix Detailed Display

·Rechargeable Lithium Battery

·Latest Operating System (CZ 20.1.8)

·Fish Size Indication

·Reef Warning


The sonar fish finder sends and receives ultrasonic signals to scan underwater biomes. It displays the lakebed on a handheld device through sonar imaging. The fish finder is an important piece of the fisherman’s arsenal, and it has become a common accessory around the world. We designed our Lucky products to be wireless, light, hand-held, and suitable for single-person shore fishing, ice fishing, and kayak fishing.



1. Turn on the receiving host  2. Tie the fishing line to the hole on the probe to ensure recovery  3. Throw the probe into the water by hand or with a fishing rod  4. View the sonar map to assess information like fish position and water depth.


 kayak Fishing

    1.This portable fish finders works well for kayak fishing.

    2.Installing the sonar transducer under your kayak with the bracket in the package.

    3.Keeping uniform speed under 5km/h.

    4.The portable fish finders for kayaks will detect fish for you and show fish locations with depth.

 Ice Fishing 

    1.Cleaning the snow on the ice and make sure there is no air between the ice and

       the sonar transducer.

    2. Put the kayak fish finder transducer on ice surface, the fish finder for kayaks will detect fishes.

    3. Another method is digging a whole big enough on the ice and put the fish finder

        for kayaks transducer into water.

 Shore Fishing

    1. Casting the portable depth finder wired sonar transducer into water.

    2. Turn on the portable fish finders and select suitable settings.

    3. You will get the underwater information from the portable fish finders with out going into water.

 Camping Fishing

    1. Casting the portable depth finder wired sonar transducer into water.

    2. Turn on the portable fish finders and select suitable settings.

    3. You will get the underwater information from the portable fish finders with out going into water.


According to the different product series, the latest original packaging design is based on the basic color of the product to be displayed in the set of a complete product family, so that the product series look smarter and eye-catching. (If you need to customize your product packaging, please provide packaging design to us, we can then complete the production of customized packaging for you. Conditions apply.)



Customers can design the packaging of any products to guarantee the uniqueness of merchandise. You can contact us by sending inquries for a package customization quote. If the number of customized units reaches 500, you will be exempt from costs.



When you place an order, try to choose the order quantity in multiples of 10 or 20. This can fill the outer box so that the package becomes a whole and avoid product damage during the logistics process. For e-commerce customers, you can contact us to inquire about our e-commerce packaging method, the single piece will be smaller and more suitable for express delivery.



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